The best wireless power bank charger for iPhone X at a reasonable price

Are you looking to buy a wireless charger for your iPhone X but are not willing to pay too much for it? For you, we have selected several best wireless charger power bank for iPhone X, which are made of sufficient quality and have a relatively reasonable price.


Baseus has long been famous for producing the best wireless power bank for iPhone X. Despite its price, this model has several interesting features that attract the attention of buyers. Externally, it is a small circular platform available in three colors – white, black and blue. The small size of the device allows it to be placed on any surface, such as a bedside table or desktop.

At the edge of the circle there is a small display, also in a circular shape, it can display one of three values ​​- the current charge voltage, the current charge current, as well as an error notification. The latter occurs when a metal object appears on the surface that prevents the device from working. When it is detected, the display shows the inscription “FOD”.

Supported fast charging systems Qualcomm QuickCharge 2 and 3 versions, the output power has a three-stage adjustment – 5, 7.5, and 10 watts.

– Price – QuickCharge support – Power up to 10 watts– No  


A small device from Rombica is a rectangular platform with sides just over 9 centimeters, stylized as lightwoods. The manufacturer did not provide color options, and the only design is too controversial to be called universal. If your interior contains natural materials and shades, the device will fit into it, otherwise it will look strange.

There are no indicators on the surface of the charging that give out its purpose or the current status of work. The device supports fast charging technology QuickCharge 2.0 and 3.0. The charge current reaches 2 amperes.

– Price – QuickCharge support – Power up to 10 watts– Controversial design  

DEPPA 24001

Simple and stylish, the device from Deppa is a round platform in silver, the size of which is barely enough to hold on to a modern smartphone. The compact body does not contain any indicators and is a “pancake” decorated with the manufacturer’s logo, as well as a microUSB port at the end.

Despite the declared support for fast charge technologies, no information about the supported standards could be found. At best, the manufacturer cites compatibility with a number of Samsung flagships from the Galaxy S6 and up, as well as the LG V30.

The maximum output current is 1.1 amperes, which is noticeably lower than the predecessors mentioned earlier are.

– Price – Good compatibility with Samsung– No QuickCharge  


If the previous device only resembled an electric stove, then it went even further – its designers were inspired at least by a gas burner. The device is a small square platform with rounded edges, in the center of which there is a circular platform for placing a charging device on it. Around the circumference of the site, there is a depression, the relief of which, at the moment of turning on the blue backlight, resembles the struggle of “blue fuel”.

Design aside, the device is capable of fast charging according to QuickCharge 2.0 / 3.0 standards at 1.1 amperes (about 10 watts). Power is supplied from the microUSB port. The backlight plays not only a decorative function – with the correct placement of the smartphone, it blinks twice, confirming the start of the charge. In general, for its price, this is one of the best wireless power bank charger for iPhone X.

– QuickCharge support – Power up to 10 watts– Price  


Another device by Baseus is a small platform made of plastic and silicone. The colors are not selectable, so those who do not like white will have to choose another device (or arm themselves with a spray can of paint). Contained in the title, the inscription “2 in 1” refers to the possibility of charging two devices at once.

The device is focused on Apple technology, as evidenced by the presence of a connector for connecting a Lightning cable, but QI support gives it the ability to charge devices from other companies. The surface of the platform is divided into two parts, one of which is intended for charging a smartphone, and the second, with a slight bulge, for smart watches and other compact devices. Unfortunately, fast charging is not supported.

The manufacturer declared protection against foreign metal objects, as well as the ability to charge in cases. Charge current: 5 to 10 watts.

– Price – Charge two devices – Power up to 10 watts– No QuickCharge  


This model is the first of the entire review, which assumes the vertical placement of the smartphone during the charging process. With this arrangement, you can continue to use the device while charging, using all its functions, including video calls. The stand is available in three different colors – lightwood, dark wood and black.

There are no indicators on the panel; the only thing that an electronic device gives out in it is a connector for connecting a USB cable, as well as the Fast Charge inscription, which is covered by a smartphone during charging. The charger has a maximum output current of 1.2 amperes and also supports QuickCharge 3.0. This device can also be called one of the best wireless charger power bank for iPhone X.

– Price – QuickCharge support – Power up to 1.2 amperes – Vertical placement  – No


Another Baseus device and again designed to charge two devices at the same time. This time we are talking about two full-fledged smartphones. The device is available in two colors – black and white, and its appearance is somewhat reminiscent of an electric stove. The metallic edging located at the edges enhances the similarity. Despite the fact that wireless chargers are rarely made of metal, here the manufacturer has managed to move away from this tradition, creating a stylish device that creates a sense of durability.

On the body of the device, there is an indicator of the correct location of the smartphone, and the power can reach 10 watts. Power is supplied from a USB Type-C connector capable of delivering up to 3 amps of power. There is no fast charging function.

– Charge two smartphones – Power up to 10 watts  – No QuickCharge


The charger from Samsung is intended primarily for smartphones from this manufacturer, but competitors’ models, including Apple, are capable of receiving a charge from this device. The device has two color options – black and beige. When folded, it resembles a pillow on which a charged device should be placed, but there is also a second location option, in which the support rises above the base, forming a “back” – in this case, you can charge vertically. In both cases, you should be careful – the convex shape allows the smartphone to roll off the edge.

The output current reaches 1 ampere. Fast charging is announced only for Samsung devices, starting with the Galaxy S6 + and Note5. To use it, you will need not only a compatible smartphone, but also a powerful power source – it does not have its own device in the kit.

There is an indicator on the case that changes color depending on the state of the device being charged. Inside there is an active cooling system, which some users considered too noisy.

– Universal placement – Compatible with Samsung  – No QuickCharge – Price – Noise


The value of this charger lies in its design. The ultra-thin device, which is barely thick enough to accommodate a microUSB port, is a flat circle, almost devoid of identification marks. The center of the circle is marked with a cross, which makes it easier to place the smartphone on the platform.

The output current reaches two amperes, allowing you to quickly charge your smartphone, and support for QuickCharge 3.0 makes the list of supported devices huge. There are no indicators on the platform, so you will have to monitor the charge processor on the smartphone screen.

– QuickCharge support – Power up to 2 amperes – Slim design  – Price


Well, now when you will go to the store to get the best wireless power bank for iPhone X without spending too much money, you will know which models it makes sense to look at. At the same time, we recommend that you always carefully check the product before buying so as not to buy a fake.