Ten the best wireless power bank for iPhone

Do you need an external charger and want to know which power bank is the best for iPhone? We will tell you which wireless charging iPhone is better, whether it is worth taking and why. We will indicate the characteristics, pros and cons. In addition, where you can buy the product. Read all the details below.


Our TOP-10 of the best wireless portable charger for iPhone

10th place. Ugreen Iphone Wireless Qiuck Charger

This gadget opens our top of the best power bank wireless charger for iPhone. The charging station has a diameter of 90mm and a height of 12mm. Both top and bottom have rubber pads to prevent slipping. They are doing their job quite well.

The weight of the station is 93 grams, and this moment is thrown right after taking it in hand, it is not light.

On the back, the basic information is written in which there is nothing perceptible except for the inscription 15W Max. Although if you charge the Samsung at 10W, then the loss of 5W is quite understandable.

– The presence of two coils, which allows you to put the smartphone both vertically and horizontally; – High quality materials – plastic is pleasant, rubber surface, LED indication; – High efficiency – works even through a “thick” case on a smartphone; – USB Type-C port upstream; – Quality USB Type-C to USB-A cable included.  – Not compatible with other cables.  

9th place. Portable wireless power bank for iPhone COTEetCI

COTEetCI is a powerful charger in a compact design. The diameter of the device is only 70 mm, which is slightly less than the width of a smartphone and slightly larger than the Apple Watch. Moreover, this “baby” can simultaneously charge both of these devices at the same time.

Stylish ultra-thin charger for mobile devices supporting QI wireless charging technology. The wide platform allows you to place your smartphone and smartwatch from Apple comfortably. The charger is suitable for communicators based on iOS and Android, providing its own output power for each device. So for Apple phones, the maximum power will be 7.5 W, and for Android – 10 W. The watch will be charged with a power of 3 W.

Made of durable and lightweight ABS plastic. It has a rubberized platform that will not damage the case of the charged devices. The charging base is equipped with silicone feet that prevent the platform from sliding over the surface. The model is lightweight and compact, its thickness does not exceed 1 cm, and this will allow you to take the charger with you on the road.

– Rubberized surface; – Compactness.  – Price.  

8th place. Wireless charger WS-18 3in1

Wireless charger COTEetCI WS-18 3in1 is made in a compact body. There is an angled platform for installing on the smartphone charging, which will allow you to use its functions to the fullest.

A special side holder is provided for the smartwatch, located at a comfortable angle. The charging case for AirPods wireless headphones has its own charging pad located behind the phone platform. This device really deserves to be among the top of the best wireless power bank for iPhone.

– Ultra-compact premium design. – Does not heat up while charging. – High degree of protection. – LED-indication of work. – Recharge your smartphone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time. – Wireless type of charge. – Support for fast charging.  – Not detected.  

7th place. Baseus Dual Wireless Charger metal

Baseus Dual Wireless Charger is a wireless charger for smartphones. It has a compact body that does not take up much space. Support for fast charging allows you to recharge your smartphone battery in minutes. The Baseus Dual Wireless Charger is housed in a compact body that is made of three materials: silicone, plastic and metal.

The hi-tech design of the device will fit perfectly into the interior of any modern room. With Baseus Dual Wireless Charger, you can forget about the annoying wires that need to be connected to your smartphone while it is recharging. It is important to remember that no metal objects should be placed on the surface, as this can lead to serious damage.

– Multifunctionality; – Stylish design.  – Not detected.  

6th place. Qi Wireless Charger for IPhone

The Qi station charges any phone with a Qi receiver. Put the phone on the battery, charging starts automatically. No more tangles of wires for every phone! Top IT companies are already introducing Qi standards for wireless charging into their gadgets. Built-in Qi receivers for Nokia Lumia, Google Nexus, Sony, HTC, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Vertu. The magnetic radius of action is 1 cm – it is completely absorbed by the phone during charging.

– Simplicity; – Convenience; – From the manufacturer of the phone itself.  – No.  

5th place. Baseus Three-coil Wireless Charging Pad

In the honorable fifth place in the top of the best wireless portable charger for iPhone is the Baseus Three-coil Wireless Charging Pad WXHSD-B01. It is a stylish, compact charging station for QI phones. It guarantees a safe charging of the communicator with a maximum power of 10 W. Three induction coils at once will increase the area of ​​action of the wireless charge, and allow you to replenish the battery of the device with energy even in a case.

The included 1.2m USB Type C cable powers the charging station. The Baseus Three-coil Wireless Charging Pad is made of durable, lightweight matte plastic with a metal finish on the edge. The removable foot allows you to position the charger in a vertical position, and can also be stowed away in a special niche, allowing you to charge your smartphone in a horizontal orientation.

– Design; – Using the device as a stand.– Dimensions.  

4th place. Qi Fantasy wireless charger for iPhone

Fantasy Wireless Charger is a truly stylish charger with spectacular LED lighting and suitable for all types of smartphones. It will perfectly decorate your interior and save you from ever-breaking USB cables. Now you just need to put your smartphone on top of the charging and it will start charging automatically.

The film is attached to the back of the phone. At the same time, it can be closed with any standard cover: made of leather, plastic, and silicone – this will not affect the charging process. The connector, inseparably connected with the film, must be in the Lightning connector for charging according to the Qi standard. The presence of a film-receiver does not cause any inconvenience.

– Practicality; – Price.  – The work is more complicated than that of other models.  

3rd place. Portable wireless power bank for iPhone Belkin BOOST UP Qi

Belkin BOOST UP is a premium model that was released specifically for the new iPhone X and is successfully sold in Apple stores, despite the high price. Externally, it is a round flat stand made of plastic with metal in the minimalist Apple style. If you like everything to be in one design, then you will be satisfied: the model looks especially good with silver and gold iPhones.

Belkin BOOST UP works with cases no thicker than 3 mm, so you will have to forget about the impressive polyurethane cases, or remove them every time before charging.

– Modern; – Stylish; – Multifunctional.– You still need to pick up covers or remove when charging.  

2nd place. Baseus Wireless Charger Smart 2in1

This reliable and powerful wireless charger not only allows you to charge two gadgets at the same time, but its design fits perfectly into the ecosystem of devices and accessories with a bite of an apple. Moreover, it is made of very high quality, and reliable electronics guarantees not only a fast, but also a safe process of charging your gadgets.

The body is made of flame retardant polycarbonate and ABS plastic. There is a special section under the Apple Watch, the shape of which repeats that of the watch’s charging pad. The charger has a Lightning connector, so you can connect the Smart 2 in 1 Wireless Charger to the network charger using the supplied iPhone cable.

– Multifunctionality; – Price.  – Dimensions.  

1st place. Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger is a device for wireless charging of mobile devices that works with magnetic induction technology. It is made in the form of a small flat stand on which the smartphone is placed on top, which makes the whole structure very compact.

The accessory supports the Quick Charge 2.0 standard, thanks to which you can quickly fill the battery of your device up to 50% and continue using your cellular connection, camera and Internet. In our opinion, this is the best power bank wireless charger for iPhone in the ratio of price and quality.

– Price; – Design; – Ease of use.  – No.  


We hope that from this rating you have gleaned useful information about which power bank is best for iPhone and now you know which models you should pay attention to when choosing a charger for yourself. However, keep in mind that products from well-known manufacturers are often counterfeited. When purchasing, make sure that you are being offered the original product.