Review of the best wireless power bank in 2021

Are you looking for the best power bank with wireless charging? This method is a fairly new phenomenon, and has not yet had time to get used to the functionality of modern technologies. Few gadgets today can support this feature. However, its popularity due to its compactness and convenience will soon be able to spread to all continents. Many people think this gadget allows you to charge a gadget completely wirelessly. This is not entirely true.

First, it is worth understanding that the charging itself must be connected to the power supply network. There will be an area on it where you need to put your smartphone. With the help of the unique Qi technology, which must be present in the gadget, you can easily charge your smartphone wirelessly. Unfortunately, the phone must still be in direct contact with the charging work area. Moreover, the imaginary fantasies that the phone will be charged in the distribution zone of the network (Wi-Fi) will have to be postponed. In this review, we will walk you through how wireless charging works and give you tips on a few of the best wireless charging power banks.


How it works?

Wireless mode allows induction energy to be transmitted through the plate to the device in which this function is installed. Now, work in this mode is supported by almost all smartphones of new generations.

To create magnetic induction, it is necessary to press two aligned plates together. One of them is a source that connects to the smartphone’s battery. In this mode, the plate in the phone acts as a receiver. This receiver is directly connected to the battery contacts, which fill the battery with electricity. This is the simplest way to explain the complex work of power transmission using the Qi standard method. Today, this technology is rapidly spreading in all possible public places. In the G7 countries there are already ATMs where you can pay in this way for travel, tickets, food, and so on.

The best portable wireless power bank with low price

The benefits of these gadgets do not negate the fact that this mobile phone energy recovery solution makes the smartphone more expensive.

Baseus Simple Mini Magnetic Magsafe Wireless Charger

This device attaches to the phone by means of magnets. The device is connected to the network via a USB-C cable, which guarantees quick energy recovery of the connected device. The gadget is suitable exclusively for iPhones 12/12 mini / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max.

The gadget is small and firmly attaches to iPhone 12 and MagSafe compatible cases. The design features of the device make it possible to use the phone while charging without restrictions. In our opinion, this is one of the best wireless power bank in 2021.

– small size; – fast and safe energy recovery of gadgets; – you can use the phone without restrictions while charging; – attractive appearance; – high assembly reliability.  – not detected.  

Baseus Light Magnetic Wireless Charger

This magnetic model makes it possible to conveniently communicate on a smartphone or enjoy the gameplay while charging. The thickness of the gadget is only 6 mm. The device is lightweight (36 g). The wireless charger is equipped with an integrated 1.5m cord.

The user can easily connect his smartphone to this model, which is automatically connected via a magnet. Charge recovery starts at the moment of connection. This charger is suitable for the 12 series iPhones. This model guarantees high safety of the phone during the charging process, since it has a protection against voltage surges, overheating, short-circuit and overcharging.

– attractive appearance; – protection against voltage surges in the network; – overheating protection; – you can use your smartphone while charging; – a powerful magnet that holds the phone firmly.  – not found.    

Baseus UFO Desktop Wireless Charger

Quality details and eye-pleasing design make this gadget one of the best portable wireless power bank. A large plate for creating a connection with a smartphone will allow you to charge easily large gadgets with a diagonal of more than 5.5 inches. There is a rubberized strip along the entire area. It prevents the device from sliding over the charging area. Moreover, the extended strip at the bottom minimizes the possibility of the smartphone falling out of the working area.

A good and attractive style will go well with any interior of a room or apartment. The secure fit allows you to use the phone safely even in this state. The efficiency is at a decent level, and is about 70%. This will not be enough for instant charging, as conventional wired devices cope with it. The device connects to any available device, regardless of the operating system.

– simple and compact device; – high-quality assembly, materials; – connects with any device.  – the main color of the device is white, it gets dirty easily.    

HOCO CW4 – Black

The main distinguishing feature of this charger is the presence of a fastening system for the car. That is, this model is quoted as a car holder. Only then, it is perceived as a charger for a smartphone. Not a bad solution, which makes this gadget stand out from the rest. The fastening system works well on surfaces other than cars. That is, it is easy to attach over the bed. The smartphone will not take up space on the stand, so it will not be in danger of being accidentally knocked off the stand (everyone understands what this is about).

Quite good appearance, excellent compatibility with different styles, will allow him to fit perfectly into any interior of the room. High quality refractory plastic, pleasant to the touch, easily tolerates sudden mechanical and thermal changes. There is a possibility of charging using Quick Charge technology. The choice for those who really love practicality and versatility.

– there is a 360° rotation function; – fast charging function; – efficiency 71%.  – not compatible with all smartphone models.    

The best wireless charging power bank for a price / performance ratio

Despite the fact that the wireless charging function has not yet been able to enter the world of an ordinary person so much, there are already a large number of such devices on the market that allow you to charge a device without a conductive contact. The main criterion for choosing the right wireless charging is the efficiency. Actually, we believe that the best power bank with wireless charging is the one with the highest efficiency.


One of the first to launch the fashion for wireless chargers is Samsung. The manufacturer understood that the market would soon be tough competition for leadership in sales. Because of this, the decision to create a really high-quality product for low money looks profitable. The impressive size of the charging area allows you to recharge any device that supports this function well and in a short time. This gadget is perfect for charging small and bulky smartphones. Great efficiency, like high-quality charging and the “quick charge” function, capable of half charging the gadget in such a short time (up to 30 minutes). These results are impressive.

No more wires or power supplies needed. You just need to put the phone on the required area, make sure it is securely fixed and do your business for an hour and a half. Charging will do the rest for you.

Smart design, excellent rounded lines and durable materials allowed the device to easily withstand mechanical shock. The cooler, which works to prevent overheating of devices, is incredibly quiet, so that charging will not interfere when working at night or during quiet hours. The smartphone itself does not heat up while charging.

– fast charging; – durable materials; – large charging area.  – the black color easily collects the real, which causes little need for regular cleaning;    

WIWU Quantus Wireless Charger – Black

Outwardly, beautiful device that helps to keep a smartphone with a full battery at all times. In addition, this unit has a function to automatically detect the connected smartphone. That is, wireless charging will charge the gadget by determining the most favorable conditions. That is, if the phone supports fast charging, then this function is activated. If not, the normal mode is activated. Easily identifies other items that the client decides to fix. That is, the charger can be used as a holder for storing keys and other pocket items.

After the battery is fully charged, the device enters rest mode. A status indicator works on the verge, which will help to determine without unnecessary movements the device is active now or not. The charge efficiency is 72%.

– auto detection of charging mode; – while charging, the smartphone will – not heat up above 45°; – There is a fast charging function.  – insecure mounts.    

Belkin QI Fast Wireless Charging Pad 15W Silver

Gadget is made of quality materials and Qi technology allows you to transfer up to 76% of the charge to the battery, making this device one of the best wireless charging power bank. The large charging area is what is needed for those who love smartphones with a diagonal of more than 5.5 inches. Due to its strong charge transmitter, this device easily overcomes small cases. That is, it is not necessary to remove accessories from the phone to charge. Competent work has reduced the possibility of heating the phone. Now it heats up much more from intensive work than from simple charging.

The large charging area accommodates medium-sized tablets well. The charging power is 15 W, that is, the capacious tablet battery for the Belkin QI Fast Wireless Charging Pad 15W Silver will not be a problem.

Double fixing the gadget on the device will prevent it from sliding or falling out. The strong magnetic effect also does not affect the performance of the smartphone in any way.

– powerful fixation; – fast charging function; – device status indicator.  – insufficiently strong fastening of the charger to the surface; – there are no boundaries of the charging field.  

Qitech Wireless Double Pad with QI Silver

Unique and inimitable design is thrown first. Initially, it seems that this charger is capable of fully accommodating any smartphone in a horizontal position. But not everyone thinks about the fact that the charging area is predisposed to charge two smartphones at once.

All materials included in the product are made from quality resources. Durable plastic, shockproof fasteners, as well as increased durability of the wire guarantee long-term operation and trouble-free condition for several years. Stable energy supply, with efficiency up to 80%, will quickly charge even the most capacious battery.

Due to the large area, this device is able to charge tablets with a diagonal of 10 inches without any problems. Qitech Wireless Double Pad with QI Silver (QT-DP-01Sl) is perfect as an interior solution on the table. When receiving guests, a good way for them to charge their phones while having a nice conversation in the company.

The sensitive smart chip accepts the phone and starts charging from a distance of 5-7 mm. This will minimize the temperature rise of the phone itself. A powerful signal will allow you to charge gadgets without obstacles, even though small cases.

– support fast charging function; – charging two devices at the same time; – excellent housing.  – long power supply wire, which may cause it to be squeezed; – charger status indicator missing.  


We hope that our review of the best wireless charging power banks was useful to you and now you know which models you should pay attention to when choosing a charger for yourself. If it seems to you that there are no noteworthy models in this review, write to us about it. We will definitely research their characteristics and, possibly, include them in future ratings.